A K-12 school's score is based on the data in the following table:Subject Weight Grade English 25% BMath 25% D Graduation rates 30% D Career readiness 20% CIf an 'A' is considered 4.0, a 'B' is 3.0, a 'C' is 2.0, a 'D' is 1.0, and an 'F' is 0. What overall score will the school receive?Express your answer rounded to the hundredths place.

Accepted Solution

it is probably going to be a 3.0 because the score depends on the grade each section gets. in this case, since math graduation percentage is the same, I think majority is winner so I would 3.0. WARNING- I HAVE NO CLUE IF THIS IS RIGHT OR BUT I EDUCATIVELY MADE UP THIS ANSWER BECAUSE THIS SEEMS LIKE ITS JUST A LOGIC QUESTION.